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Welcome to the Engineering Solutions Inc. (ESi) web site. We manufacture the Omniguard, a digital manometer (negative pressure monitor) used in asbestos, lead and mold abatement, the Accessor, a programmable security device for access control, and the Mistral Keypad Test System, an improved version of our Stingray, for testing membrane switch keypads. ESi can also provide custom hardware and software for embedded applications. We have been located just south of Seattle, Washington since 1988.

News Highlights
Omniguard Communications V4.5.3 is available with support for latest Omniguard. view
Mistral Keypad Test System V4.4.0 is available that adds support for QR codes and data matrix images to labels. view
Update on end of network service for first generation Omniguard Cellular. view
Omniguard Communications V4.5.2 software is available with export capability. view
ACE V3.0.0 sofware for the Accessor is available. This is a new build using updated development tools. This version also adds support for Windows 11. view
Mistral Keypad Test System V4.3.2 is available that fixes problems with background images flashing during testing. view
Omniguard Communications V4.5.1 software is available that fixes a problem viewing graphs in places that use different date formats. view
Omniguard Communications V4.5.0 software is available with improved report generating and new firmware for the latest Omniguard Cellular. view
Mistral Keypad Test System V4.3.0 is available with support for performing multiple tests on an LED and backup of raw logs in case of problems during testing. view

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