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Digital Access Control System
Omniguard Manometer
Mistral Keypad Test System
Stingray Keypad Test System

Request an RMA

If you need to send us your ESi product for certification or repair please fill out the RMA (Return Materials Authorization) request form below. Once we receive your information we'll email you the RMA along with information on how to send in your device.

  • There is a minimum $50 estimate fee per unit. If you decide not to have a unit repaired after seeing the estimate or if there is no problem found you will be charged the $50 fee, unless the device is under warranty. This fee includes certification for Omniguards, Stingrays and Mistrals. It is not necessary to send the estimate fee with the unit.
  • Rush service is available for expedited repairs. Please write "RUSH" in the comments section below. The repair estimate will be prepared within 24-48 hours of arrival. There is a $50 charge per unit for rush service.
  • There will be an additional $50 charge for any unit that must be cleaned before evaluation. To avoid this charge, clean the unit to remove any dirt and dust before shipping.
  • You are responsible for all shipping costs except for warranty repairs. We use UPS and ship ground unless you request otherwise. We will ship via FedEx on your account only.
  • Payment Methods
    • C.O.D. - An invoice copy will be emailed for your records.
    • VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
    • Prepaid Check - You can pay with a check after you receive the estimate.
  • The average turnaround for repairs and certification is 2-3 weeks from the day we receive your shipment. Due to issues related to the coronavirus outbreak you can expect times to be longer than average. If this is an urgent need please contact us directly. Once we have completed our evaluation we will email a repair estimate for approval to the contact listed on the RMA.

RMA Request Form

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